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FAU EGFEP Intensive Velvet Mask, 10 sheets



FAU EGFEP Intensive Velvet Mask, 10 sheets

This EGF anti-aging mask is a premium facial mask visibly minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin’s complexion, and restores its youthful radiance, as well as delivering hydration.

*EGF is one of the most important growth factor for skin cells, helping them to boost production of collagen and elastin and increase the skin’s capacity to retain water to maintain healthy, youthful and dense skin.

It nourishes skin from within, leaving it velvety smooth, dewy, and luminous. The mask drenches skin with hydration.


How to use

  • After a facial wash, prepare by toning and moisturizing the skin
  • Take the mask sheet and align the holes with your eyes, straightening it out and placing it tightly on the entire facial area
  • Leave the mask on for 15~20 minutes and relax
  • Remove the mask and massage face gently to facilitate absorption of remaining liquid content into the skin